the benefits of Olive Oil to human health

Blogthe benefits of Olive Oil to human health

the benefits of Olive Oil to human health

Use of olive oil for a healthy diet

Hippocrates and other ancient physicians used olive oil to treat diseases. Modern scientific research has now proven these beneficial properties.

The scientists discovered that the low rate of deaths from heart disease in rural Crete was due to the high consumption of olive oil in contrast to other countries whose residents consume seed oils and animal fats. Corresponding research has proven that olive oil, due to its monounsaturated oleic acid content, controls the level of cholesterol in the blood by improving the level of HDL lipoprotein, and consequently the metabolism of this substance, which is the main cause of heart disease.

In addition, the organoleptic properties of olive oil make it easily digestible by the body and the most suitable fat for eating with beneficial effects on the stomach.

The Spanish Interprofessional Olive Oil Organization supports experts and researchers in order to highlight the health-protective effect of olive oil on the human body. Spanish researchers, among them doctors, are seeking to make olive oil more known to the general public, as many people are not aware of the beneficial effects of olive oil. Through the campaign “For a Lifetime”, they differentiate the quality categories of olive oil, promote its uses in cooking and nutrition in general and want to convey to the Spanish population the advantages that they will have by following a Mediterranean Diet in which olive oil will be the main source of fats.

As they argue, a small percentage of people follow the Mediterranean Diet, so it is considered necessary to spread the scientific evidence that exists about the benefits of olive oil and how people with cardiovascular problems can be helped by its use. Specifically, from the CORDIOPREV study (2022) it appears that cardiovascular patients who follow a Mediterranean Diet rich in extra virgin olive oil have up to 30% less chance of their disease recurring compared to those who follow a healthy diet but low in ” “good” fats.

Olive oil is characterized as a “dietary jewel”, which lowers blood pressure, helps prevent diabetes, increases good cholesterol and lowers bad, conditions that are closely related to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, which mitigates chronic diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, as well as cancer.

Even in sports, the effect of olive oil is important because it is one of the best fats one can consume, with its anti-inflammatory action helping endurance sports (cycling, jogging, etc.) as well as strength sports.


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