Tripadvisor: Crete 2nd best destination in the world for food in 2023

BlogTripadvisor: Crete 2nd best destination in the world for food in 2023

Tripadvisor: Crete 2nd best destination in the world for food in 2023

Crete is the second best food destination in the world for 2023 (TripAdvisor readers – Travellers’ Choice)

Crete is the second best food destination in the world for 2023, according to TripAdvisor readers (Travellers’ Choice)! “If food and snacks are at the heart of your itinerary, you’ll find some of the best local flavors at these top spots,” notes the popular travel platform.

The Greek presence is strong in the travel awards announced by Tripadvisor for 2023, with the best destinations in the world and in Europe. In the relevant Lists, Greece has a presence in the Lists of the popular destinations, the best food destinations, the best places for culture and the best destinations for natural scenery.

In detail, Crete was named the 2nd best destination in the world and in Europe for food and Athens the 3rd best destination for culture in the world. Also, Crete was named the 7th most popular destination in the world and the 4th most popular destination in Europe.

Crete is for another year among the most popular destinations around the world, according to the preferences of the platform’s users. This year, in fact, it won second place in the list of the best culinary destinations worldwide. A key part of the travel experience that Crete offers is without a doubt its cuisine, which is known worldwide. The simple food that you will taste in the taverns of the island is an authentic culinary experience. From the famous Cretan olive oil and certified Cretan graviera cheese to the delicious meat and the intoxicating tsikoudia, the products of the Cretan land are simply unique.


Cretan cuisine – experience the amazing Cretan diet

It should be noted that every year, Tripadvisor analyzes the millions of reviews submitted to its platform in the last 12 months from a global community of hundreds of millions of travelers.

About Crete, TripAdvisor notes: “The island of Crete is a Greek diamond that sails in the blue-green sea. The beaches are divine with stretches of golden sand and rounded pebbles. No one can ignore the historical and mythological value of this island: According to myths, Crete was the birthplace of Zeus, the king of the gods and the cradle of Europe’s first civilization. Visit one of the island’s numerous archaeological and historical sites to take a break from sunbathing and be in awe.”

Below is the list of the 20 best food destinations:

1. Rome
2. Crete
3. Hanoi, Vietnam
4. Florence, Italy
5. Paris, France
6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Lisbon, Portugal
8. Naples, Italy
9. New Orleans, Louisiana
10. Jamaica
11. Charleston, South Carolina
.12. Mexico City, Mexico
13. Bangkok, Thailand
14. Buenos Aires, Argentina
15. Cuba 16. Cape Town, South Africa
17. San Sebastian – Donostia, Spain
18. Lyon, France
19. New York
20. Vancouver, British Columbia

Cretan Diet

Olive oil in Crete, Greece


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Top 10 foods to try in Crete – BBC Good Food

Crete stands free of mainland Greece, complex and proud with wild, mountainous terrain and a strong traditional culture. Cretan cuisine is renowned both in Greece and internationally for its unique ingredients and flavours. Based on simple techniques, it’s the variety of local produce that distinguishes the dishes: mountain herbs and greens, bulbs, unique cheeses, fresh fish, the famous Cretan oil, and raki a bracing grape brandy.

Cretan Cuisine (by Wikipedia)

The core of the Cretan cuisine consists of food derived from plants, whereas food of animal origin was more peripheral in nature. In general, people consumed seasonal products, available in the wider local area, which underwent minimal processing or none at all. The traditional cuisine was widespread in the island until the 1960s when, with improving living standards, alimentary patterns changed towards more meat and other animal-derived produce

Top 10 Cretan Food Specialties you must try

the top 10 specialties of Cretan food that we recommended you should try in your visit here! These Mediterranean delicacies not only will satisfy your appetite, but also dive in a sea of flavors!

What to eat in Crete? Most popular Cretan dishes

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