Organic Olive Oil 0.2


The extra virgin olive oil, Critida Bio, the extract of our long experience and knowledge of Critida, which is a family company, came to offer you taste and well being. It is produced the way olive oil was produced in the good old times, from simple elision of olives and it is packaged in a pure and natural manner, in order to maintain all its vitamins and aroma. It is a certified biological product from “DIO”.

The biological olive oil is a unique olive oil produced in south Crete. It has a bright green colour, and a very pronounced savour and aroma The picking, the squeezing of the olives exclude any chemical product of synthesis whether in the fertilization of the land or in the fight against parasites, supporting in this way a better use of the nutritional elements by the plant. This method has as a result the natural, juicy fruit and the excellent quality of the Cretan olive oil.

Critida’s biological olive oil products are from the producers of the Bio-Agricultural group of Southern Cretan Sea, with International awards for its quality, the ecological method of production and gastronomy.

Our products of biological extra virgin olive oil come from the first pressing of the olives, contain no more than 0.5% acidity and are famous to have a superior taste. They are natural products, full-flavoured, with a pleasant aroma and unrivalled nutritional properties.

(*) Percent Daily Values are based on a 2.000 – calorie diet.

Service Size : 100 ml (91,6 gr.)

Energy 3450 kj / 824 kcal (%Daily Value*)

Total Fat

91,6 gr.


Saturated Fat

12,6 gr.


Polyunsaturated Fat

6,8 gr.

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

72,2 gr.


0 mg


0 mg

Total Carbohydrate

0 mg


0 mg

Not a significant source of dietary fiber, sugar , vitamin A, C, calcium and iron.


Packaging Details for Dorica Bottle
Capacity 250ml 500ml
Length [cm] 31 28
Width [cm] 24 22
Height [cm] 29 29.5
Weight BOX [Kgr] 12 11
PCS / BOX 24 12
Weight / EURO PALLET 660 792


Packaging Details for Ceramic Bottle
Capacity 500ml
Length [cm] 30
Width [cm] 22.5
Height [cm] 20.5
Weight BOX [Kgr] 14
PCS / BOX 12
Weight / EURO PALLET 840
Packaging Details for Cans
Capacity 500ml 1L 3L 5L
Length [cm] 25 25 28 31
Width [cm] 19,5 19.5 22 24
Height [cm] 31 28 29.5 32
Weight BOX [Kgr] 14.5 13.4 12.2 19.9
PCS / BOX 24 12 4 4
BOXES / PALLET 60 60 60 44
Weight / EURO PALLET 875 803.5 732 875.6
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