Crete is a unique island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the southern most part of Europe and is a place blessed by God and nature. There are many of plants and herbs, thousand of flowers and trees decorate the natural environment. The most popular tree in Crete is the olive tree. There are plenty of plantations of olive trees and the Cretan olive oil, which is produced by these trees, is considered one of very high quality. The climate of Crete is considered ideal for the olive trees due to the fact that it is warm and full of light. Extra Virgin olive oil is the natural liquid produced by pressing the fruit of the olive tree. Greece produces about 400,000 tons of olive oil annually, making it the third largest producer in the world.

It is well-known that 200,000 tons per year olive oil and 10,000 tons per year biological olive oil are produced in Crete, which quantity is increased from year to year. Cretan virgin olive oil is better than the Italian and the Spanish one, that is why Italians and Spanish buy and mix it with theirs in order to increase the quality and taste of their oil.

Even though 2.000 years have passed , the way of growing the olive tree hasn’t changed much here in Crete .The Cretan producers use the traditional way of growing and they do not use any chemicals or fertilizers. This has as a result the natural, juicy fruit and the excellent quality of the Cretan olive oil. From ancient years till our days, the olive oil has been used not only for food but also for theurapeutical and beautifying purposes.

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